Nanotechnology for Industrial Coating

Plenus Duty is a coating for industrial applications that is 100% national and has as properties the increase in the surface hardness of the metal surface by 90% and the decrease in friction by 50%, confirmed by technical analysis.

Plenus Duty technology has already been used for plastic injection molds, being applicable in molds of any geometry and size, from the simplest shape with straight lines to the complex geometries with recesses.

It improves the final result of your injected parts and prevents the adhesion of silicone (and other polymers) to the mold. The final thickness of the coating is less than 0.2 micrometers and there are practically no changes in the tolerances of the measures of the metallic mold, including, in most of them, there is no need to use release agent.

The application method is simple and, depending on the case, it can be applied in loco.

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